Mila Kunis's Reaction to Her UPS Guy Seeing Her Naked Is Oddly Inspirational

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Mila Kunis
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This "bad mom" has never been afraid to tell it like it is and live her very best life without shame -- even if it means accidentally showing her tatas to the delivery guy. Mila Kunis's story about her UPS guy seeing her naked is truly one for the books. And her response to the OMG situation could be a source of inspiration to fellow mommies.

  • The cast of "A Bad Moms Christmas" recently revealed their most embarrassing mom stories.

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  • And Mila's tale about a UPS delivery man catching her topless is enough to make any of us cringe.

    "My UPS guy is really sweet, and I've had him for years, and he always [just] drops off the package, but you can see him through the glass window," the celeb mom told People. (Mila and Ashton Kutcher have two kids: daughter Wyatt, 3, and son Dimitri, 11 months.)

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    "At one point, I was just shirtless, because I was hot. I was just with my baby, and I was three days postpartum, so it still was like [I was] pregnant. I was just like, 'Hey.' Didn't even think about it, naked, skin-to-skin with my baby. And he just puts the package down and looks up."

  • But instead of freaking out, Mila took everything in stride like the boss she is.

    "I didn't even care," Kunis mentioned to People. "Totally happy, and he felt so guilty about it and so bad. I was like 'Don't worry about it.' Yes, that could've been an embarrassing moment, but I was in bliss."

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    "I was like, 'This is not nearly what you thought you were walking into,'" she said. "I think he may have been like, 'Oh, that's what they look like?' You know, a nursing breast and a [non-nursing] breast. It's just two very different boobs."


  • Who knew a humiliating experience could turn into a "the more you know" moment to just go with the flow and embrace the chaos?

    After all, why cry over spilled milk -- or in this case, exposed boobies?

  • You can view Mila and her castmates' full "Bad Mom" interview here:

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