Heidi Montag Reveals the Meaning Behind Son Gunner's Name & It's a Gem

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag with son Gunner
Daily Mail TV

Since news broke that Heidi and Spencer Pratt welcomed son Gunner Stone to the world on October 1, many have been wondering how parenting has treated the former Hills stars. And now it looks like we have the tea. Heidi and Spencer gave a glimpse into baby Gunner's birth and finally revealed the meaning behind their future reality star's name.

  • The happy couple spoke to Daily Mail TV about life with their 2-week-old son and why they named him Gunner Stone.

    "Before Spencer agreed to have kids, I had a baby name list, and Gunner was one of my top names that I had," the new mom mentioned during the interview.

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    "And then Stone, obviously, [because] we love crystals," Spencer Pratt added. The proud papa even had a crystal shop deliver some serious bling for his wife's labor: "They delivered $30,000 of the most unreal crystals ... that no one's energy was on."

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  • Spiedi also shared footage inside Heidi's hospital room -- including video of Heidi getting glammed up for delivery.

    "I just wanted to be camera-ready," the 31-year-old mom joked to Daily Mail TV.

  • As far as labor and delivery goes, Spencer revealed he almost missed out on the whole thing and "wasn't ready for the level of screaming."

    The 34-year-old told Daily Mail TV about Heidi's unmedicated childbirth: "That's the loudest noise I've ever heard [her] make, over and over for hours."

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  • Things seem to be going well for Spencer and Heidi, who just might give the Gosselins a run for their money.

    "I keep telling Spencer I want to be like 'Spiedi Plus 10,' [like] how there's Jon & Kate Plus 8," the Heidi jokes. "So I think we should have 10 kids."

    We definitely aren't ready for that, LOL.

  • You can view Heidi and Spencer's Daily Mail TV interview here:

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