Kate Gosselin Can't Even Wish Her Twins Happy Birthday Without Someone Shaming Them

Kate Gosselin
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There has to come a time when a parent can honor another year of her children being on this Earth without ridicule -- or worse, having hateful comments directed at said children. Kate Gosselin just celebrated twins Cara and Madelyn's birthday ... and, of course, the Internet was not here for it.

  • The mom of eight is in disbelief that her twins are now 17 (yes, 17) and shared this cute throwback pic of Cara and Mady to celebrate the occasion.

    "And then you blink, and they TURN SEVENTEEN!!" Gosselin wrote in her Instagram post

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    "Happy birthday to my girls! My heart hurts because you're almost adults and will soon leave for college, yet it smiles because I am seeing who you've become: brilliant, beautiful, kind, caring, logical, responsible, empathetic, honest, amazing individuals! I love you both SO VERY MUCH! Let's have a wonderful day together celebrating YOU!"

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  • Many wished Cara and Mady a happy birthday and were in their feels about watching this duo grow up in front of the cameras over the last decade.

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    Jon & Kate Plus 8 first aired back in 2007 and showcased twins Cara and Mady along with sextuplet siblings Collin, Hannah, Joel, Alexis, Leah, and Aaden, now 13.

  • Others, however, used Kate's birthday shout-out to her girls as a chance to throw shade.

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    Why is anyone so mad about a gathering that will likely have cake and ice cream??

  • Some even tossed a few daggers Cara and Mady's way.

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  • Yeah ... we're gonna have to call a time-out so folks in these interwebs can get it together.

    If a mom celebrating her daughters' birthdays makes you this mad, seek help.

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