15 Times Tori Roloff Showed Motherhood Unfiltered

Kayla Boyd | Sep 28, 2017 Celebrity Moms
15 Times Tori Roloff Showed Motherhood Unfiltered

tori roloff and son

The Roloff family from the reality series Little People, Big World are always sharing moments of their life with us, whether it's on TV or social media. And Tori Roloff, who became a new mother earlier this year, is one of the best ones at showing fans the little details of her family life. From her Instagram story rants to her adorable family photos, people love to see what her, her husband Zach, and their son Jackson are up to. 

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Tori is not afraid to show her followers the highs and lows of her life, and honestly, people love it! It's so relatable for many, many people. From her cutest moments with her son, to getting mommy-shamed by strangers, to dealing with the struggles of breastfeeding, Tori touches on it all for her followers. 

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When fans aren't watching Little People Big World, it's nice that they can still stay up-to-date on what their favorite TV family doing. And, thanks to Tori, other new moms can have someone to relate to. 

Here are 15 times when Tori Roloff showed the realities of motherhood. 

  • Rainy Days


    Fall whether is pretty unpredictable, but Tori made sure that she and baby Jackson were well prepared in their styling rain gear. 

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  • Starting Them Off Young


    Sports moms can totally relate to this cute fandom moment. Tori captioned this photo: "Baby Js first seahawk game!!! Go hawks!"

  • Getting Lost


    "Wanna know how long it takes to get to our house from the beach? 3 hours when you lose service on maps and miss your exit," Tori wrote on Instagram. "Thank goodness for patient husbands and babies." 

    Don't worry, Tori, we've all been there.  

  • Postpartum Body Appreciation


    It's SO important for moms, and all women, to feel good about their bodies and appreciate them. Tori is giving us major body-positive inspo with this awesome post.

    She wrote on Instagram: "The woman's body is the craziest thing. The fact that I was able to grow a human has given me so much respect for my body. Love what the good lord gave you. He knows what he's doing."

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  • Mommy Gang Goals


    Seriously, how cute is this?!

    "Being pregnant is exciting enough. But being pregnant with three of your best friends is just unreal. We were all brought together by our husbands but the bond we've made will stay between us forever. I can not wait to see all of our kids romp around together," Tori wrote.

  • Say No to Mommy Shaming


    Tori recently went on a rant on Instagram Stories about how "perfect parents" need to stop criticizing her every move! I mean, we feel you girl. 

  • Twinning


    What mom can resist twinning with her adorable baby every once in a while? 

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  • The Happiest Place on Earth


    Family trips to Disney are always special and Tori was overjoyed at being able to experience it with her son and hubby for the first time. 

  • Gushing Over Family Photos


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    Family photos are not the easiest task, but we love them anyway! 

    "Okay I officially bawled going through our photos," she wrote on Instagram, shouting out the photographer. "Thank you so much girl for these BEAUTIFUL photos. How you got us all to look that good, on a 95° day with a baby who was completely over it, is beyond me! We will treasure these photos forever!"

  • Giving Herself a "Bad Mom Award"


    Tori got super real when she responded to haters by giving herself a "bad mom award" after people attacked her for not buckling Jackson into his seat while he played ... even though she was sitting right next to him. 

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  • Dad's Cheering Section


    Tori and Jackson look adorable while supporting one of Zach's soccer games. 

  • She & Zach Are "Super Mature"


    Tori and Zach admitted to their followers that in their spare time they like to watch silly videos of babies farting. But hey, we've all done it. 

  • Breastfeeding Struggles


    In the early stages of breastfeeding her son, Tori shared on social media: 

    "Hands down the hardest thing about being a mom has been breastfeeding. It was something I did not expect. I just figured it would come naturally because it's what nature intended -- I was so wrong. Jackson and I got so frustrated with one another in the beginning and it took every ounce of me to not quit. I realized however I was being selfish. It was an inconvenience and took FOREVER but I was blessed enough to be able to BF. I was in a position that some women would die to be in and I couldn't let that go. I feel for those mamas that can't breastfeed. I get asked at all my appointments how BFing is going and I couldn't imagine how that would make the women who physically can't feel. I also HATE the stigma of breastfeeding. I still feel awkward in public when I feed my baby. Why should I? I'm providing for my child. J and I have come a long way and we work well together now and I'm proud of that. There are still times that I feel overwhelmed with breastfeeding but I know I'm doing to best I can. We as women just do the best we can and that's all anyone can ask. You do you mamas. Don't let anyone make you feel insignificant or like you're not doing your best. Breastfeeding is ridiculously hard and it doesn't always work out. Our kids are going to be just fine."

  • Baby Carrier Chronicles


    Beach days don't always involve bikinis -- they can be just as fun with a baby carrier and sleeping little guy. 

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  • When Your Kid is Cooler Than You


    "I really don't understand how this kid got so cool so quickly #howareyoumine?!" Tori wrote on Instagram. 


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