Amy Roloff's Post About Baby Ember Could Be a Response to the 'Bad Grandma' Backlash

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

It's no secret that Amy Roloff has come under heavy criticism for her actions -- or lack thereof -- toward her son Jeremy, daughter-in-law Audrey, and their new baby daughter Ember. Little People, Big World fans have been quick to call out this grandma for not gushing over her granddaughter the way she has her grandson Jackson. But Amy Roloff recently referenced baby Ember in an Instagram post, which does make you wonder if it's in response to all the backlash coming her way.


The reality-show matriarch is all smiles in this adorable photo with 4-month-old grandson Jackson (Zach and Tori's baby). While Amy does talk about her love for baby J, she didn't miss a beat when it comes to Ember and how much Audrey and Jeremy's little girl means to her.

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Amy and Jackson Roloff

"I'm over the moon the 2nd time as a grandma. I'm thrilled seeing and visiting with my granddaughter Ember Jean (Jer and Auj daughter)," Roloff writes in her post.

"She is so precious and beautiful. Can't wait to post a picture or two of her soon. In the meantime, Jackson is growing up so fast. Love his smile and laugh and wanting to grab everything. He came over to wish Grandma Amy a Happy Birthday the other day."

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Given Amy made a special dinner for Audrey and Jeremy's wedding anniversary and has gushed about being a grandma again, it's pretty safe to assume she adores her family -- including her new grandchild Ember. Audrey has already stated why she's not posting more photos of her little girl, which is likely the very reason fans haven't seen photos of her on Amy's social media pages, either.

Maybe fans criticizing Amy can now give her a break?

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