Jenna Dewan-Tatum Can't Escape Rumors She & Channing Tatum Are Expecting Another Child

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
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With celebs procreating faster than you can say "magazine exclusive please!" it's only natural for peeps to remain on baby-watch. That, however, doesn't mean we start measuring the circumference of folks' bellies in attempt to out an expectant mom. But the interwebs can't stop assuming Jenna Dewan and hubby Channing Tatum are expecting their second child. And while the thought of these two "stepping up" their family count makes us smile, people really need to leave Jenna alone ... like, for real.

  • Jenna -- aka Mrs. Tatum if you're nasty -- has been living her best life on Instagram, inspiring people to sit on balconies in lingerie and do squats.

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  • And yet, people believe there have been recent signs from the heavens that Jenna is with child.

    Jenna and Channing have a 4-year-old daughter named Everly.

  • First, fans speculated Jenna's photo of a tree (yes, a tree) was a hint -- all because she once had a botanical moment while pregnant with Everly.

    "I would come hike here every day while pregnant with Everly and rest my back against this tree and pray. (As well as a zillion squats to try and get her to come -- mamas, you know what I'm saying)," the 36-year-old wrote on Instagram. "Nothing makes me happier or feel more alive than connecting with nature. Nice to see you again magical one."

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  • Then they assumed Jenna's gown for Channing's "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" premiere was purposely hiding her growing bump.

    "Thank you so much for all of your care and well wishes for my food baby and for the fact that I really needed to pee," Dewan-Tatum joked to People in response to any inquiries.

  • It's the same damn balcony where Jenna recently showed off her toned physique. Do we really expect the magic of life -- and a budding pregnancy bump -- to appear in a day??

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    That's some wizardry right there.

  • As far as we know, Jenna and Channing are *not* expecting another child, so just keep calm and carry on with life.

    Jenna Dewan
    Splash News

    Seriously, these theories are out there.

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