Tori Roloff Gives Herself the 'Bad Mom Award' for Putting Baby Jackson in Harm's Way

Tori Roloff

Sooner or later, new moms will feel the sting of being criticized for what they did or didn't do to their baby that could've ended in some Final Destination situation. And judging by Tori Roloff's self-depricating post about baby Jackson on Instagram Stories, it's pretty safe to assume people had a thing or two to say about the potentially dangerous situation Mom put him in.


The Little People, Big World star shared an adorable video of the 4-month-old doing his best to reach his play toy.

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Jackson Roloff
toriroloff/Instagram Stories

"Workin' so hard to grab that pear," Roloff jokes.

As cute as the clip was (seriously, how can you not love Jackson?), it seems folks likely took issue with the sight of baby J not properly strapped in his bouncer, which prompted Tori to crown herself with the "bad mom award."

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Tori Roloff Instagram Stories message
toriroloff/Instagram Stories

"Yes I am aware he's not strapped in!" the mom writes with a face-palm emoji. "We're sitting right next to him! Bad mom award."

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Let Tori be.

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