Jeremy Roloff's Latest Update Hints Mom Amy Might Not Be Helping With Baby Ember

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

Babies have been known to bring families together, which is why this news is quite troubling ... assuming it's true. Little People, Big World fans have been speculating for some time that there's trouble between Audrey Roloff and her mother-in-law Amy. And Jeremy Roloff's latest update on Instagram Stories -- revealing Audrey's mom is helping with baby Ember and not his own mother -- could be proof there's tension.

  • Jeremy has been busy working around the clock at home since Audrey gave birth to their daughter Ember on September 10.

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  • He's been working on renovations around his home.

    "Ember Jean is asleep, full of milk. Audrey is asleep, resting," the new dad mentioned in one of his Instagram Stories. "Thought I'd crush a little DIY before they wake up, and I probably got another 10 minutes to do so."

  • He's also been trying to take care of poor Audrey, who's sick and tired (aww), while he battles sleep deprivation himself.

    "[I'm] very tired," Jeremy continues in another Instagram Stories video. "Audrey is actually getting a little sick, so we're trying to prevent that. I'm working on all fronts with tea and whatever else to help her out. So that's the minor update for right now."

  • Thankfully, Jeremy revealed Audrey's mom made a visit to help out with things, which made fans wonder where his mom Amy is and what she's doing.

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    "So Audrey's mom came over for a little bit to help, which has been amazing," Jeremy notes in one of his Instagram Stories. "So I'm going to run to the store, just do our little list of errands and stock up on some stuff. Audrey is feeling a little better, which is nice."

  • Amy has been a constant presence in her grandson Jackson Roloff's life -- posting photos and sharing sweet updates on social media.

    Jackson is the son of Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori.

  • So some folks are questioning if things between Audrey, Jeremy, and Amy are okay -- especially since this grandmother isn't sharing photos of Ember.

    Amy shared the above pic of flowers to celebrate Ember's arrival.

    Seeing as Zach and Tori haven't shared photos of Ember on social media either, maybe Audrey and Jeremy asked everyone not to for some reason.

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    Hopefully that's the case, as it's heartbreaking to think there's family tension that would have Amy staying away from her grandchild.

  • We're crossing our fingers that things get better.

    ... assuming there's an issue.

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