Whitney Port's Solution to Dealing With 'Overwhelming' New Mom Advice Is Perfect

Whitney Port
Whitney Port/YouTube

It's been a few months since Whitney Port and husband Tim Rosenman welcomed their son Sonny into the world on July 27. And as this new mom and Hills alum continues to establish roots in the parenting realm, there's one persistent reality that always seems to arise: constant mom advice from other people.

Port's advice to new moms inundated with parenting advice is so spot-on that, hopefully, it will help fellow mommies keep calm and carry on.

  • In a new video in her "I Love My Baby, But" series, Whitney recently expressed her feelings about all the advice she's been receiving.

    "Having or just had a baby and experiencing a million different people giving you a million different opinions??? Yeah, same here," the 32-year-old new mom wrote in an Instagram post teasing the video.

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  • As happy as Whit is to receive mom tips and tricks from people, she admits it can be quite overwhelming at times.

    "I don't want you to feel like I don't love and appreciate all of your suggestions, because I do. Sometimes a lot of the things that you say are things that I haven't thought of before," Port tells viewers in her YouTube video. 

    "But like, I have all of you guys, and obviously my mom and [Tim's] mom, my sisters, my pregnant friends, and my friends that are already mothers, my friends that aren't mothers yet, doctors, lactation specialists."

  • "When word got out I was pregnant, I got five different excel spreadsheets alone with every product I ever possibly needed," Port admits.

    "While I am SUPER appreciative of all the info, it gets very overwhelming and I constantly ask myself, who do I listen to?" she adds in her teaser video on Instagram.

  • Thankfully, Whitney says she's found a solution to the constant mom advice -- and who to listen to -- that definitely makes sense.

    "I think I have to pick two or three people that I trust that I listen to," Port reveals. "But then it's like, what if those two or three people have varying opinions?"

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    Hmm, good point.

  • No matter who tells her what, it seems this new mom is taking things in stride, which is all you can really ask for.

    "I think my maternal instincts are kicking in," Port mentions in her video.

    "There are certain times when I think I know exactly what needs to calm [Sonny] down. But there's a lot of other times I don't. I think [Tim has] some really good paternal instincts, too. I don't think it's just a maternal instinct thing. I think we should give some fathers some credit, too."