Kate Gosselin Accused of Brainwashing the Kids Against Jon

Kate Gosselin
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If ever there were people to put on your prayer card, it's this former reality couple. Startling news has surfaced that Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Kate Gosselin is reportedly trying to turn her kids against Jon. If true, it's certainly not a step in the healthy co-parenting direction ... at all.


Jon's mom, Pamela Gosselin Castello, alleged that Kate is trying to brainwash her eight children with Jon (twins Cara and Madelyn, 16, and sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah, 13) after the custody showdown heard round the world at Hannah's dentist back in August. (Yikes.)

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"Hannah told me that Kate made her and her brothers and sisters all chant, 'We will not visit Jon,'" Jon's mom told In Touch Weekly. "Not even 'We will not visit Daddy.' She makes them say 'Jon.'"

Speaking of Jon and Kate's heated police-involved incident, Castello claimed she was present at granddaughter Hannah's dental office and witnessed everything that went down.

"I would never have believed that a scene could be so horrible until I witnessed the custody exchange myself," Castello revealed to In Touch. "How can a judge allow physical force to remove a child? Kate thinks there is nothing wrong with her, so she would never subject herself to going to therapy. But she needs psychological help."

Hopefully, these allegations aren't true, as Jon's mother sadly disclosed that Hannah's siblings ignored her after the dental office ordeal, which is pretty disturbing.

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"When Hannah finally went home after the custody incident and a trip to the hospital, Hannah told me that her sisters and brothers shunned her and wouldn't talk to her," Jon's mom added. "Hannah says Kate told them not to talk to her to teach her a lesson."

With news that Jon is seeking public help to pay for his legal woes -- and that a judge reportedly stripped the reality dad of 50/50 custody after the August incident -- one can only hope this family gets the help they need, for the sake of the children.

"After eight years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills, there should be a psych evaluation for the whole family," Castello lamented to In Touch Weekly. "And after everything that has happened, I demand a psych evaluation for Kate." 

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