Tori Roloff Celebrates Baby J's 4-Month Milestones With a Cute Shout-Out to Newborn Cousin Ember

Tori and Jackson Roloff

Baby Jackson Roloff is getting bigger by the day and accomplishing new achievements. And proud mama Tori Roloff is celebrating Jackson's 4-month milestones, which include paying a special lady a visit: his newborn cousin, Ember!


The Little People, Big World tot was the star of mom Tori's Instagram in a recent post honoring his 4-month "birthday." And my, is this little man growing up and traveling to fun places.

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Jackson Roloff

"And just like that our little man is 4 months old! Lots of milestones this month," Tori Roloff writes on Instagram.

"Baby J can hold his head up. We can roll over ... sometimes. We want to put everything in our mouth. We went on our first airplane ride! We went to Catalina. We went to Disneyland. We love telling stories. We're still not sleeping through the night. We're already huge fans of the Seahawks. We weigh almost 16 pounds!"

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While Tori and hubby Zach can likely live without Jackson not sleeping through the night, it's heartwarming to hear baby J and baby Ember Jean (Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's newborn daughter) got to meet each other for the very first time.

"[Jackson] got to meet [his] cousin Ember Jean! (who we are already so in love with!)" Roloff adds on the 'Gram.


We can already visualize all the playdates and outings Jackson and Ember will have. They're going to be a cute duo for sure.

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