Dear Kristin Cavallari, Your Husband's NFL Career Doesn't Make You a 'Single Parent'

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Kristin Cavallari
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Being a parent can be extremely challenging at times, which is why it's important to remember those who do it alone -- without help or support of any kind. Kristin Cavallari has come under fire after the Hills alum intimated she'll be a single mom now that her husband, Jay Cutler, has a new job with the NFL. And, child, these interwebs aren't here for it.

  • Kristin recently made an appearance on "Entertainment Tonight," where she said she'll be a "single parent for the next five months."

    Kristin Cavallari
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    "It's a little chaotic, but in the best way," Cavallari told ET about taking care of the kids while her husband plays football. "My kids are great. They're good kids for the most part."

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  • While caring for three kids under 6 can be a lot ... let's get real, girl, that still doesn't make you a single parent.

    Kristin and Jay have sons Camden, 5, and Jaxon, 3, and daughter Saylor, 1.

  • As you can imagine, folks aren't too happy with Kristin, especially those who *are* single parents and *don't* have a partner who can just fly home.

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    And the critics weren't afraid to sound off on ET's Facebook page.

  • Others were quick to point out the access this celeb mom has to resources that will make her days as a "single parent" a little easier to bear.

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    Did we mention Jay Cutler signed a $10 million deal to play for the Miami Dolphins? 

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  • One can only hope Kristin stops and thinks about what it really means to be a single parent.

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    ... You know, after the "I'm a single mom, because my multimillion-dollar-making husband is away for five months" season of her life is over.

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