Jon Gosselin's Money Issues Might Be Keeping Him Away From His Kids

Jon Gosselin
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When couples call it quits, one can only hope they find a way to co-parent and create a positive environment for the sake of their children. Sadly, this goal doesn't look possible (for now) with Jon and Kate Gosselin, given their most recent custody battle showdowns. Jon Gosselin is fighting to see his kids, but some reported financial woes are making the battle difficult.


A source tells Hollywood Life in an exclusive interview that "everything is a fight with Kate -- she won't give Jon an inch unless he gets a lawyer on board to demand it for him."

This means the likelihood of Jon and Kate working out their differences -- without bringing in the legal suits -- might prove to be a fantasy for these former reality stars ... assuming what the source says is actually true.

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"Jon and Kate's custody battle is raging, and it's not likely to calm down any time soon .... It's exhausting, and financially damaging, and it's resulted in Jon spending a lot less time with the kids than he would like," the insider continues. ".... Kate loves to portray Jon as some kind of deadbeat dad, but that's really not fair, he loves his children with all his heart, he just doesn't have anywhere near the money that Kate has to be able to pay for a team of top lawyers."

Although Kate and Jon divorced back in 2009, the pair have had their fair share of heated arguments, which has made made it next to impossible for them to come together for the sake of their eight children (16-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn, and 13-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah).

And with Jon and Kate's police-involved incident involving one of their children a week ago, the odds of these two parents sitting at a table to hash out visitations and other matters involving their kids is pretty slim to none.

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Given Jon has made headlines in the past for taking odd jobs -- including his stripper debut -- he probably doesn't have the finances to pay lawyers to fight for him.

"He doesn't have a big fancy house like Kate, or an expensive brand new car, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love the kids, because he does, and he wishes more than anything that he could spend more time with them," the source mentions to Hollywood Life.

Crossing fingers these two can work things out.

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