Whitney Port's Tearful Confession About the Pressure to Breastfeed Is Eye-Opening

Whitney Port

Whitney Port has never been shy in front of the cameras. Not only did she star in The Hills and its spin-off show The City, but the now-32-year-old documents her journey to motherhood in her series of "I Love My Baby, But ..." videos that keep it real.

In "I Love My Baby But, Breastfeeding," Whitney Port opens up about the pressure to nurse her child and the shaming that often comes with the territory.

  • Whitney reveals in her vlog that she "hit a breaking point" where she thought breastfeeding 1-month-old son Sonny would no longer be an option.

    "[Breastfeeding] feels like someone is slicing my nipples with glass," the former reality star admits in her video.

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    Whitney's baby nurse recommended alternatives -- like pumping and using some formula -- to the new mom. A lactation consultant also discovered baby Sonny might have tongue-tie, a condition that can limit tongue movement (and sometimes make breastfeeding painful), which Whitney's pediatrician later confirmed.

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  • "[Breastfeeding] is what people say is the best bonding experience," Port says before talking about the pressure she's felt from other moms to nurse.

    "I've been getting pressure from more older people that want me to try it and continue to try it, and I did. I tried it after [Sonny] had the [tongue-tie] procedure done, and I tried it this morning .... It's really painful, and I'm not really sure if it's painful just because I'm getting started again, or if it's painful because he's not latching on correctly. I just feel like a lot of people are gonna tell me to continue to have patience and try to do it."

  • Anxious and unsure about breastfeeding, Whitney admits friends warned her about putting too much pressure on herself, which sadly became a reality.

  • Though Whitney's future in nursing baby Sonny remains unwritten, this new mom has advice for others who might be struggling to breastfeed.

    "Don't listen to anybody else, and do what [your] heart is telling [you] to do," Port notes in her video. "That's really what I should be doing."

  • You can watch Whitney's full vlog here:

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