Nikki Reed Flaunts How Strong Her Post-Baby Body Is

Nikki Reed

It looks like someone is taking motherhood to new heights! New mom Nikki Reed's Acro-yoga session with her brother not only defies gravity, but also shows off how Reed's post-baby body is in full recovery mode just one month after welcoming daughter Bodhi Soleil with hubby Ian Somerhalder.


The 29-year-old actress looks like she's having the time of her life hanging out with bro Nathan Reed.

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"Hey brother, stay away from my uterus," Reed jokingly captions in her must-see Instagram post. "Totally normal thing to say to your brother postpartum."

Nikki Reed with brother Nathan


While many of us are likely picking our jaws off the floor at such a sight, Nikki is quick to brush it off.

"This might make me feel like a badass but if you know Acro-yoga, you'll see it's really just a basic stretch," the mom mentions in her post. "Can't do much yet, but while I wait and recover, I might as well do things that make me feel like superwoman with my big bro :)."

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Nikki's brother, however, can't stop singing her praises.

"Can you believe how amazing she looks?" the hottie writes in his own Instagram post. "I swear she's already in proper shape to join me for the San Diego Triathlon next month ..."

Whether you choose to harness your inner acrobat or leave stretching to the floor, it's hard not to direct a few handclaps Nikki's way.

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