Heidi Montag's 'Top' Pregnancy Tip Sadly Doesn't Work the Way We Hoped

Heidi Montag
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Most of us have heard pregnancy wives' tales. If you're carrying your baby high, it's likely a girl. Battling bouts of heartburn? Your child will have tons of hair. As entertaining as these myths -- and the lengths people go to see if they're true -- often are, they don't always turn out to be true. Heidi Montag's pregnancy tip for preventing stretch marks sounds wonderful and super easy, but just might prove to be ineffective. 


The 30-year-old Hills alum, who's expecting her first child with hubby and former costar Spencer Pratt, shared a coveted "prego tip" on her Instagram Stories that could inspire you to head to the pantry.

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Heidi Montag instagram stories
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"Just a little tip for any pregnant mamas out there," Montag reveals in her video. "Before I eat a meal -- and get ready for it -- I put a lot of coconut oil on my stomach. So, when it stretches, I'm all ready for it."

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Judging by this table of delectable goodness, it's safe to say this mama-to-be is putting her coconut oil to good use.

Burger and fries
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Though we'd venture Heidi was joking -- and as amazing as rubbing down your belly with coconut oil pre-meal to ward stretch marks sounds -- it's not that easy, Risa Klein, a certified nurse midwife, tells CafeMom.

"While coconut oil is fabulous with amazing qualities, I would imagine this reality star probably has either inherited good genetics, made excellent choices in her nutrition with a lot of protein, or both," says Klein. "I've seen women in [my] 25 years of practice rub anything from cocoa butter, [opening] Vitamin E gel caps and rubbing it on their bellies, to rubbing olive oil on their pregnant bellies to avoid stretch marks. Again, genetics and nutrition play a leading role in the outcome."

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And there ya have it.

Though the likelihood of a pregnant woman being able to completely prevent stretch marks by oiling herself up before eating doesn't look to be true, hey, if Heidi is happy, so are we.

"In the end, if it makes Heidi feel empowered and proactive to rub [oil] on before a meal, all the best to her!" says Klein.

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