Audrey Roloff Shares How Essential Oils Are Helping Her Survive Pregnancy

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Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is reaching the end of her pregnancy, and she's decided to share some of the products that help her through it. On Instagram Stories, she showed off her most recent haul of Young Living essential oil products, and evidently they are making all the difference.

  • One of her main go-to products is a "Bump" roller ball that she fills with "ClaraDerm" to help with skin tearing, irritation, and itching.

    Audrey said in the Instagram Story that she applies the "ClaraDerm" every morning and night. 

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  • Another product she recommends is the "Peace and Calming," which helps her rest at night.

    Audrey said she applies this one to her wrists and chest before bed. She also plans to diffuse it during labor.

  • In her story, she said she wants to have an "unmedicated and natural" birth, so to help with the pain she will use the "PanAway" oil.

    According to the Young Living website, "PanAway" can be used on the neck and back for a "soothing and stimulating aromatic experience."

  • Another oil she's excited to try is "Joy," which she said is supposed to be "good postpartum support" for after the baby comes.

  • Some postpartum products she mentioned include nontoxic laundry detergent for the baby's clothes and a set of diluted oils from the "KidScents" line.

    Some of the "KidScents" include "SleepyIze" to help them sleep, "SniffleEase" to help with congestion, and "TummyGize" to help with digestion. 

  • Obviously, Audrey is really passionate about these products and she encourages people to engage with her and ask her about them.

    She sometime writes about oils on her blog, and she also has a separate Instagram page for it as well. 

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