Audrey Roloff May Have a Wee Problem Once Her Daughter's Born

Audrey Roloff with husband Jeremy Roloff

As the world prepares to welcome another adorable addition to the Roloff family, there appears to be one member of the Little People, Big World clan who's just not ready to scoot over and make room. 


"Uh oh ..." the mom-to-be captioned her Instagram Stories photo of her and Jeremey's cat Pine taking up residence in the Roloff progeny's future digs.

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Cat in a crib
audreyroloff/Instagram Stories

Who knows how long Pine has been getting some shut-eye inside their baby girl's crib, but the kitty sure does look comfy.

(Yeah, Pine ain't moving any time soon, haha.)

Cat families know that when introducing a new baby into the family, preparation is key. New parents often resort to crib-netting their newborns so the fur baby doesn't invade the LO's personal space and potentially cause a breathing risk factor. 

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As much as catnaps are important, hopefully Pine gets the memo sooner rather than later that the crib is for baby Roloff, as Audrey's due date is August 31.

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