Heidi Montag Looks Like a Glowy Goddess in Her Latest Maternity Shoot

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Heidi Montag
Image Press / Splash News

This mama-to-be is ready for her close-up! Heidi Montag's maternity photo shoot for The Fullest magazine is beyond breathtaking and shows the 31-year-old Hills alum like we've never seen her before. Seriously, these pregnancy pics will have you looking for the nearest flower bush ASAP.

  • Heidi is turning heads on the fall/winter cover of "The Fullest," where the mom-to-be opens up about life post-"Hills" and the lessons she learned.

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    "We were irresponsible," the seven-month expectant mother shares in her interview when discussing her journey with her now husband, Spencer Pratt, in front of the cameras. "Learning finances was hard and humiliating, but at the same time really liberating, and put us in a good grounding position. It really took me back to an appreciation for every dollar."

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  • The former "Hills" star also talks about past dreams of being "Kardashian rich" (which obviously never happened) ...

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    "We thought we'd be Kardashian rich and famous at this point because we were that before they were. And looking at where they are now, it makes sense why we kind of thought that. But we didn't have costars that stuck together. Everyone secretly didn't like each other and everyone was fighting. When you have a family that sticks together it's different; the Kardashians are a huge cast that has each other's backs. If we would have banded together who knows where we'd all be?"

  • ... and, of course, that infamous feud with Lauren Conrad that resulted in Heidi's becoming a reality show villain.

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    "I was always a very confident person and slowly it just kind of chiseled away at me, especially with MTV making Lauren the sweetheart and trying to villainize us," the mom-to-be explains to The Fullest. "They were manipulating things the whole time and then suddenly you're the bad guy and you don't even have the platform to say the truth because MTV has so much more power. It's a mafia. They controlled the press and the media ... we were just two rogue agents."

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  • Though an entire decade has passed since "The Hills" aired (girl, you gonna have to get over that), Heidi looks amazing in these maternity photos.

    The slayage levels are off the chart.

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