New Mom Lauren Conrad Wants Nothing to Do With Reality TV

Lauren Conrad
Rick Davis / Splash News

Lauren Conrad may owe reality TV for laying the foundation of her fame and career, but the former Laguna Beach and Hills star seems to want to avoid it completely these days. While sitting down with People for its current issue, Conrad discussed reality TV, admitting it's pretty much the last thing she wants to do.


"I don't think I'm doing any more reality television that includes my personal life," the 31-year-old explained.

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Fair. So, we can safely assume she'd be opposed to a show focusing on her life with husband William Tell and newborn son William "Liam" James, but perhaps by specifying that she's against TV including her personal life, maybe that means she'd be open to doing a series that centers on professional life? Something tells us she wouldn't exactly turn down the op to promote her lifestyle and fashion brands with a So Cosmo- or even Rachel Zoe Project-style show? (Though Zoe does show both her work and personal lives, of course.)

Now that she's a mom, the magazine had to ask -- what will Lauren do if Liam grows up and says, "Hey, Mom, I want cameras to follow my friends and me around!"? 

"It's not something I would encourage," she replied. "But I want to support him." 

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Also, fair! Sounds like she wouldn't completely dismiss reality TV for herself or her son in the future. But she's kinda over it, and who could blame her after devoting her seminal years to it? We're all for her keeping her private life off-screen now. Not that we wouldn't tune if somehow, she happened to change her mind!

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