People Are Shaming Nick Lachey for Letting His Kid Meditate With a Buddha Statue

Nick Lachey
Fortunata/Splash News

What a glorious day it will be when people can look at a photo of a celebrity's child and not blow it up into something bigger than is. Nick Lachey's photo of son Camden meditating in front of a Buddha is catching a ton of heat and has become a shining example of why we need more tolerance and love for others -- even if their beliefs differ from our own.

  • Who knew a 4-year-old soaking in "a little morning meditation before summer camp" would be so controversial?

    ... but, sadly, it is.

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  • People had a field day questioning the former 98 Degrees crooner's parenting skills -- and his Christian faith ...

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    (Did everyone assume Nick was a Jesus follower because he was once married to Jessica Simpson?)

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  • ... and went as far as unfollowing the celeb dad in reaction to his Instagram pic.

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    Is it really a requirement to only follow celebrities who believe everything we believe??

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  • Yup, it's pretty safe to say some folks need to take a chill pill, and fast -- because shaming someone for a photo isn't exactly divine.

    Who knows if Nick or his wife Vanessa Lachey are practitioners of the Buddhist faith or not. If they are, they are; and if they're not -- and maybe wanted to put a Buddha in their home just because -- it's pretty safe to say you likely won't convert them to another faith by condeming their kid's photo.

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