Megan Fox Lets Her Son Wear a Dress & Commenter Calls It a 'Gay Agenda'

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Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

A full week hasn't even passed since Megan Fox shared rare pics of her three sons with Brian Austin Green, blessing the world with cuteness overload. And, of course, the trolls and mean folk alike have been ripping the lovable family photo collage to shreds, all because of a little boy's love for Frozen.

  • Apparently, Megan and Brian's 4-year-old son Noah rocking Elsa attire is so disturbing, some people couldn't help but express their disdain ...

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  • ... and point out how much the little boy looks "like a homosexual" ...

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  • ... and is somehow a pawn in the "gay agenda."

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    Yes, there's a full agenda -- complete with crayon newsletters, outlining highlights from the private meetings and ways to infiltrate the system.

  • ... Give. Us. A. Break.

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  • Others lashed out at Megan, kindly informing her a little boy can't become a man if he wears dresses when he's little ...

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  • ... and will be confused and become transgender if this type of behavior continues.

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  • One kind person even went as far to inform mama Megan she's "going to hell" for putting Noah in a dress -- and that he hopes the 4-year-old kills her.

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    Welcome to 2017, folks. We should be so proud (insert sarcasm and disgust).

  • Yes, people actually spewed this BS for all to see -- all because a CHILD wanted to wear "Frozen" apparel.

  • Thankfully, there are kindhearted people still walking the earth who came to Megan and Noah's defense.

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  • Because little boys playing dress-up doesn't make them gay -- any more than little girls who play football will become lesbians.

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    Un-learn that sh*t real quick, please.

  • Seriously, people ... there are bigger issues we should focus on instead of a happy little boy who happens to be wearing a dress.

    If you don't like it, don't put your kid in one -- it's as simple as that!

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