So Many Moms Will Relate to Halle Berry's Scary Story of Almost Losing Her Kid While Shopping

Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Halle Berry may seem like one of those celeb moms who has her act together 24/7, but even the Oscar winner has been in a spot no mom wants to find herself in: searching a crowded store for her kid! Speaking with ET recently, Berry explained how her daughter Nahla disappeared on her while they were shopping years ago.  


"I was busy looking at a tag, Nahla was very little," the 50-year-old star revealed of her now-9-year-old daughter. "She was there, I looked around, and she was not there. And you have that moment where I was like, 'Shut the store! Shut the doors!' I went right into nobody's leaving this place until I find out where my daughter is. And it's just what happens. It's visceral."

Berry recalled the incident while promoting her new flick, Kidnap, in which she plays a mom whose son is kidnapped at a carnival -- so it sounds like the source material really hit home. 

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Thankfully, it was only a matter of moments -- which surely felt like forever to Berry -- before Nahla turned up. "Luckily, she was like a foot away from me under the turnstile," she explained. "But in that moment, she was gone." 

And if you think this is just a marketing tactic, this again. The actress actually told Ellen Degeneres the story about her daughter's disappearing act back in 2010. She explained she had "come undone" while Nahla was simply hiding behind a rack of clothes -- and ultimately, she says she had to apologize to the store's staff for demanding that they shut the store down in order to find her little girl.

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Seems like, even seven years down the road, the incident still freaks her out. As any mom who's been there would likely attest, that is more than understandable!

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