Exclusive: Tamera Mowry Talks Potty Training & 'Sister, Sister' Reboot

Molly Coyle

Tamera Mowry may be best known for her role on the '90s sitcom Sister, Sister. But since her stint as a child actress, Tia's twin has become a wife and a mom of two! The 39-year-old loves her kids, but she admits there is one thing she misses about life before motherhood -- sleep (though, she definitely wouldn't trade a few extra Z's for her LOs). While she was visiting New York City, the Real host and blogger didn't hold back with us during a sit-down interview about those too-familiar mommy struggles. Read on to find out what Mowry said about date nights with her husband, her children's milestones, and rumors regarding a Sister, Sister reboot. 


How has life changed since becoming a mom?

My life has changed drastically since I've become a mom. I have learned so much. I don't think you ever stop learning, and I think that's the key -- to always keep your mind open. I thought that I could initially control things. I thought that if I taught my child something that they were automatically going to do it. In the beginning, I realized it doesn't happen that way. I used to take it personally. I used to think that Oh my gosh. Maybe I'm not a great mom, but the reality is: That's life. That's motherhood. Sometimes you are going to figure things out, and sometimes you are going to be a hot mess, and you can figure it out along the way. And it's all okay, as long as you are doing your best: Us moms have to believe this -- our best is good enough. We're not going to screw up our kids.

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You're a mom of two. What are they up to these days? What are their latest milestones?

I'm sure Aden is going to hate me for this -- I'm going to talk all about his potty training -- but I'm so proud of my big boy. He is 4½, and he is fully potty trained. If I'm honest -- if I didn't have the information that I know now, from teaming up with GoodNites NightTime Undwear -- I would feel a little embarrassed about this story. Yes, my son is 4½, and it took him a little longer than some kids to be fully potty trained. I thought that since he was potty trained throughout the day -- which was, let me tell you, a challenge in itself -- I thought he was going to be automatically dry at night. The reality is: There are a lot of kids who take just a little bit longer to be dry at night. It's a different task. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you as a parent if your child isn't dry at night right now. And it doesn't mean, in most cases, there's anything wrong with your child. It's all about their physical development.

My daughter -- Ms. Ariah Talea Housley -- she definitely has inherited my feistiness, but I love it. I love that I have an independent, feisty 2-year-old. Look out, world, 'cause this girl already knows what she wants. Even though she might have a hard time verbalizing it right now, she's gonna let you know. She knows all of her colors: purple, pink, white, black, lelo -- is what she says -- that's yellow. I'm so proud of her. She can count to 20.

Kids are amazing, but what do you miss about life before motherhood?

I miss sleep! Being tired is my new normal, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Children are such a blessing. Yes, you have stressful moments, but man, they have enriched my life in such a beautiful way, and it's crazy to feel and see your heart outside your body. They're just beautiful. They teach me a lot. Just as much as I'm teaching them, they are teaching me. 

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What's the last romantic thing you did for your husband?

Well [laughs], I can't really say that on camera -- what I did for my husband. My husband and I, we try to have date night once a week -- or at least once every two weeks. That is every Wednesday. It's really important for us to sit down and have adult conversation. We're not talking about "We have to go potty" or Dora the Explorer -- all the kiddy shows. It's nice to have an adult conversation and stay connected. I think that’s what's really important about being happily married. You have to remind yourselves why you fell in love with each other in the first place. For me, it was going out, dating, going to restaurants and just talking -- talking about life, because my husband's very intelligent, and I think that's sexy.

What can you tell us about a potential Sister, Sister reboot?

We are moving forward. We're progressively finding writers and producers. We've met with some. We just want to make sure we choose the right producer and writer who get my sister and my vision. We just want to make sure we kill it when it comes out.

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