Pink's 7-Month-Old Clearly Hated Riding a BMX Bike With Dad Carey Hart

Pink (Alecia Moore) with husband Carey Hart
Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Don't you hate it when parents try to make their children have a good time? It's downright nuts! One celeb family obviously didn't get the memo, as Pink shared a photo of 7-month-old Jameson on dad Carey Hart's bike -- and the little guy **clearly** did not enjoy the experience one bit.

**Clearly, this means we're being sarcastic


Poor little Jameson was likely held against his will as his parents strapped him in a bike chair on what looks to be one of Carey's BMX bikes.

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And as you can see, this 7-month-old hated the entire thing ... like, a lot.

Carey Hart with son Jameson

"Baby's first bike ride," the 37-year-old mom of two happily captions on Instagram.

Just look at Jameson's squishy-cheeked face and his grin from ear to ear. **Clearly** this baby boy had better things to do than appease his parents by trying to act like he's having fun on his papa's bike.

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Can you not see his pain of pretending he's having the time of his life -- in the name of family fun and adventure?

Many of Pink's fans couldn't help but feel horrible at the sight of such a "happy" baby and had to comment on her Instagram photo to express their concerns.

"OMG ... cuteness overload!!" one commenter wrote.

"What a perfect father [and] son pic," mentioned another.

We get it. This is pretty dreadful.

**Clearly, this means we're being sarcastic

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