Whitney Port Reveals in Intimate Detail Why the Third Trimester Is the Hardest for Every Mom-to-Be

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Whitney Port
Johns PKI/Splash News

As amazing and lovely as carrying life in your belly can be, the sunny days of pregnancy often have patches of torrential downpours -- thanks to random pains, Braxton-Hicks, and other not-so-wonderful symptoms that often come with each trimester. Whitney Port's honest update about third trimester realities is so relatable, you might need to cuddle up with a pregnancy pillow.

  • The 'Hills' alum is 38 weeks and decided to update fans about life as an expectant mom -- thanks to her husband putting a camera in her face.

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    "Soooooo, I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and getting so antsy and excited yet nervous for the big day to come!" Port captions on her Instagram video. "Having no idea what to expect actually makes the waiting game so much easier, at least in my opinion."

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  • Noting this as Chapter 15 of her 'I Love My Baby, But...' vlog, Whit doesn't hold back.

    She calls this specific chapter, "I Love My Baby but ... There Are Some Things in the 3rd Trimester That You Should Probably Know About."

  • And she keeps it as real as her swollen feet.

    "Well, at least my feet look better today," the mom-to-be joked.

  • "It's tough just to get comfortable, because your belly starts to get so big," Port reveals in her video.

    "It's the weight in the front -- it's so crazy -- it's still not as bad as the first [trimester]," she adds. "That's for sure."

  • As for weight gain, Whit says she's 35 pounds heavier, but isn't pressed about it -- as no expectant mom should be.

    "... I'm growing a baby," the City star mentions in her Instagram video. "I think it's totally healthy and normal. I'm feeling totally fine with the weight gain. I wouldn't say the body issues are totally gone, but they're definitely much better. It just is what it is."

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  • "I'm just getting so excited to meet the baby that the weight is not a weight on my mind."

  • Admitting she sleeps with a pillow between her legs and is up every two hours to pee, Whitney keeps her third-trimester update refreshingly real.

    Here's hoping the last leg of your pregnancy is great!

  • Check out Whitney's full confession here:

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