Model Sarah Stage Shares a New 'Six-Pack Baby Bump' Selfie & the Internet Loses It

Sarah Stage pregnant

Lingerie model Sarah Stage is pregnant with baby #2 and documenting her ultra-toned baby bump for social media once again. Naturally, the Internet has opinions on the bikini-clad mom's tiny tummy, because, well, that's how they roll. The 33-year-old received a ton of flack during her first pregnancy in 2015 when folks felt like she looked underweight and unhealthy for a pregnant woman. The fitness and nutrition fanatic -- who became known as the "six-pack mom" -- promised she was following the advice of her doctors (actual medical professionals as opposed to anonymous busybodies) and maintained an exercise regime because of its benefits for her then unborn child. 

By the by, Sarah's first kiddo, James Hunter, was born to the tune of nearly 9 lbs, so everyone should try to relax. 

Now that the Instagram star is six months pregnant with her second (and carrying exactly the same way), haters are still hating and supporters are coming to her defense.  

  • Not one to entertain naysayers, Sarah posted these pics of her small but growing baby bump with the caption, "Positive vibes only."

    Not all commenters obliged, with one criticizing, "Clearly not healthy for the baby. Instead of thinking about your abs, think about the baby's health." But others did applaud her efforts, even admitting they wish they could maintain a similar physique during pregnancy. "OMFG amazing!" posted another. "Must take some serious effort and dedication to remain that fit at 6 months pregnant!! Every credit."

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  • And not that she owes anyone explanations or reassurances, but Sarah posted the baby's most recent sonogram to IG.

    "Doctors appointment went great today. Baby is weighing a little over 2lbs with a strong heartbeat and huge hands lol Thanks for all of the well wishes," she wrote.

    While plenty of mean-spirited commenters weighed in, there were also supportive souls who defended Sarah.

    "Oh my god. Leave it guy, not every healthy baby weight 10 lbs when they were born. She made it clear weeks ago that her baby is fine and her first boy was little too. Just deal with the fact that not every women gain 20kg by being pregnant. I think she's very aware of the benefits for her baby, and about his health. Like every mum does," wrote one follower.

  • At five months pregnant with her second child, Sarah revealed her pregnancy with this beachy photo.

    She was more than likely bracing herself for the questions and comments that would bombard her IG feed yet again. "She's so toned! Bubby is completely healthy in there," raved one follower. "Everyone's different! Some mamas don't show at all."

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  • It was Sarah's first pregnancy with James, now 2 years old, that garnered her a ton of attention because of her small and muscular baby bump:

    It didn't deter her from chronicling her story, proving that everyone really does carry differently and bump-shaming shouldn't apply to anyone. 

  • This is how Sarah looked at nine months pregnant with James (and, again, James was born weighing close to 9 lbs):

    So, clearly, this is what her body does during pregnancy, factoring in her healthy and fit lifestyle. While it may not be the "typical" result of pregnancy, it's uniquely her body and not something others should feel free to shame. 

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