Britney Spears Can't Stop Gushing About Her Tween Boys

Britney Spears Grammys
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Sure, Britney Spears is a pop queen who has had a hit Vegas residency and continues to release earworm singles -- but all of that comes behind being a bighearted mom of two. Her now tween-aged sons Jayden James, 10, and Sean Preston, 11 are everything to her. Brit opened up to People about being a mom while promoting her new fragrance, VIP Private Show. "My kids come first, always," Spears said.


"There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom and watching my sons grow into young men," she continued. "I am so lucky that I get to experience all of life's adventures with them." For instance, she said, "I love watching them play sports and just running around with them. We have a lot of fun together. We love having a beach day together."

britney spears sons

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It's so heartening to hear that she and ex Kevin Federline have been able to co-parent so peacefully for years. Of course she still feels the weight of single motherhood, noting, "The balance between work and my personal life can be a challenge." She explains, "I always do my best to plan my schedule around my family whenever possible."

Britney with sons

Makes perfect sense. Really, none of this is exactly surprising to hear from Brit. Ever since she first landed in the spotlight, she's been vocal about loving family, wanting a family, and wanting to be a mom. For a while there, it seemed like she would have been much happier leaving show business behind for good and focusing 100 percent of her energy and time on her kids.

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Luckily for fans and for Britney, it seems like she's found fulfillment in both performing and being a proud mama. While striking the perfect balance may always feel elusive, she definitely sounds like she's doing more than fine. And more importantly, she sounds relaxed (well, as relaxed as you would be if you had two tween boys!) and happy. Love it!

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