Audrina Patridge's 'Mom Advice' to 'Hills' Costars Is So Spot-On

Audrina Patridge
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It's been seven years since we bid adieu to the epic MTV show The Hills -- and yet, people are still getting their entire life as they release their inhibitions and feel the rain on their skin. Though we can no longer tune into the memorable melodrama, Audrina Patridge's parenting advice to her Hills costars gives us tons of nostalgia and feels. 

  • The 32-year-old mom recently revealed to Us Weekly that she still keeps in touch with Heidi Montag and has no problem spilling the tea on motherhood.

    Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag
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    "We talk often!" Patridge explains to Us. "Whatever advice she needs I just give."

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    Audrina, who has 13-month-old daughter Kirra with husband Corey Bohan, is one of many Hills alums who's basking in the joys of parenthood. Costar Kristin Cavallari has three children, Lauren Conrad just had a baby, and both Heidi Montag and Whitney Port are pregnant.


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  • She even tries to reassure Heidi -- who's expecting her first child with husband Spencer Pratt -- about having a C-section.

    Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag
    London Entertainment / Splash News

    "I know she was afraid of having a [C]-section, so I just kind of gave her my advice of what I went through," Patridge tells Us Weekly. "I was so afraid and it actually wasn't that bad."

  • Now that's a friend!

  • As far as that whole working out while pregnant thing goes, Audrina tells Heidi not to give it up.

    "I wish I would have [exercised] more throughout my pregnancy," Patridge mentions in her interview with Us.  "I wish I would have [gone] to yoga the entire time or pilates cause after the second trimester, I just stopped working out all together .... It was harder to get back into working out after ..."

  • Audrina's mom advice doesn't end with Heidi, as she also has a few pointers for Lauren Conrad, who welcomed son Liam on July 5.

    Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad
  • For one, she told her to "sleep as much as you can," which, FAIR.

    Today also shared that Patridge told Conrad to "enjoy being able to not do anything and just be with your baby."

    Yup, sounds about right!

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  • As for her costars having babies so close together, Audrina tells Today it's pretty "cool."

    Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port

    "We're all in that same age group and we all went through the same things at the same time, so it's really cool that now all of us girls are mommies with babies," Patridge mentions to Today.

  • The "Hills" baby boom even has Justin Bobby (Audrina's former flame on the show) smitten, as he wishes the ladies love during this "magnificent time."

    Justin Bobby Brescia
    Polk Imaging/Getty Images

    "I wish them happy, successful, healthy pregnancies and I really do wish that they have the most support around them in this magnificent time in their lives," Bobby -- whose real name is Justin Brescia -- tells Us Weekly in an interview.

    As for his past love Audrina, Justin says she has a "maternal spirit" -- which makes us swoon!

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  • With all these "Hills" babies arriving and on their way, Audrina is crossing her fingers for a playdate that they need to make happen!

    Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, and Audrina Patridge
    Johns PkI / Splash News

    Patridge tells Today:

    "Kristin lives so far away, but Heidi lives close. Whitney, Lauren, everyone's kind of doing their own thing. But I think after a year of being with their babies and figuring everything out, I definitely think there's a chance of maybe getting together or having baby playdates. Having kids changes your entire outlook on life and situations and people."

  • Seriously ... don't y'all play with our emotions!

  • But until that happens, we know who to hit up for mom advice that will help us keep calm and carry on.

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