Pink Can't Even Cook Dinner Without Being Mom-Shamed

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You have to wonder whether or not there's some secret Craigslist ad floating around looking for Internet police to be ready and willing to pounce on parents. Now folks are criticizing Pink's family cooking photos, saying the singer put her kids in harm's way.

  • The 37-year-old Grammy winner recently shared this adorable snap with her kids that, apparently, is too hot to handle.

    "Dinner time," Pink aptly captioned her Instagram photo with 7-month-old son Jameson and 6-year-old daughter Willow. Jameson has a laser focus on those greens!

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  • But of course moms can't have nice things -- including family memories -- without people dissecting everything that's wrong.

    Can you imagine what people would say if Pink ordered in ... or dared to bring home fast food? (*Gasp*)

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    Who knows how long Pink was cooking dinner with Jameson in tow. Maybe she kept her son playing nearby for the majority of the time -- or maybe Pink's husband, Carey Hart, snapped the pic before taking the baby away.

    We don't know!

  • The disdain for Pink's photo range from calling her actions "pretty stupid"...

    (Tell us how you really feel!)

  • ... to prophesying an injury that would land baby Jameson in the ER.

  • Some even accused Pink of purposely sharing this photo to "start a debate on IG," because that *clearly* was this mom's intention all along.

  • Say whaa?

  • Others, however, hoped to inspire a few baby-wearing corrections for the sake of safety.

  • No matter the criticism, many of Pink's fans came to her defense, challenging mom-shamers and how overboard people go.

  • With all the back-and-forth, something tells us Pink is unconcerned and has already moved on.

    You do you, mama. 

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