Fans Are Mommy-Shaming Chrissy Teigen's Vacation Photos for the Most Absurd Reason

chrissy teigen john legend in Bali

When you're a celebrity, people always have something negative to say about you, so it's no surprise that some people had issues with Chrissy Teigen's latest vacation photos -- no matter how stunning they were.

On some of Teigen's latest Instagram posts, she shared photos of her and her husband, singer John Legend, and their daughter, 1-year-old Luna, on a family trip in Bali, Indonesia. Although the family looked flawless, people still felt the need to troll in the comments. 

  • The cause of the "outrage"? Some people had a problem with baby Luna being shirtless.

    If you've ever been around toddlers, you know that their being shirtless is completely normal.

    However, that didn't stop commenters from saying things like, "Okay where's her clothes..." and "Cute pic but don't like that she's not wearing a shirt." 

    And the complaints didn't stop there.  

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  • Others felt she was "copying" Beyonce.

    One person commented: "Tryna be Beyonce like."

    And another wrote: "It looks like a copy of @beyonce 2017 Grammy look."

  • Some even accused her of cultural appropriation.

    One comment read, "Cultural appropriation in 3...2...1" and many others said something similar.

    However, Teigen respectfully showed acknowledgement of the culture in her caption by thanking the people of Bali. She stated: "And thank you for dressing us in your beautiful, traditional ceremonial costumes!"

  • But, most fans still gave an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the photos.

  • It was a well-deserved vacation, Chrissy, and your family looked amazing (as always)!

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