Hilary Duff Shares an Emotional Poem That Sums Up the Struggle of Being a Working Mom

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It's likely pretty tough for Hilary Duff to not have a blast while shooting the highly watchable TV Land series Younger. After all, the Darren Starr–created show seems to have one of those casts that legit gets along on- and off-set. But even with a sweet gig and good friends around, Hilary's a working mom who misses her son Luca terribly. The actress recently took to Instagram to share the sweet way she's been able to cope.


The 29-year-old explained that the poem she snapped a photo of was given to her by Peter Hermann, who plays Hilary's character's boss Charles on Younger.

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"I have to spend many days sometimes weeks away from Luca when shooting and [Peter] gave me this poem when I was desperate to see and hold my boy," Hilary writes. "Tears started falling down my face at the last four lines and still do when I read it. Motherhood is the greatest gift I have ever received. Every day a new adventure or hurdle. My heart has grown bigger than I can explain. I think every mother or parent will find this poem as moving as I do. enjoy"

hilary duff poem

The poem, written by Rachel Zucker and entitled, "Hours Days Years Unmoor Their Orbits," reads in part: "I don't expect you to remember or understand the many ways I've kept you alive or the life my love for you has made me live…"

Ugh. Add that to the fact that Hilary says motherhood is the "greatest gift" she's ever received and ... Way. Too. Many. Feels!

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Obviously, the poem's message really hits home for Hilary Duff, and will probably tear at the heartstrings of any mom who's had to spend time apart from her LO -- for work or any reason at all. 

hilary duff and her son luca

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And whether he realizes it right now or he will come to one day, Luca will most definitely know how just much his devoted mama loves him. So sweet!

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