Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Hired a Personal Investigator to Make Sure Alex Rodriguez Isn't Cheating

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez
XactpiX/Splash News

On the surface, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez appear to have the perfect budding romance. But it seems like Jenny's been around the block enough to know that even the most perfect-seeming relationship can blow up in your face. The multihyphenate performer clearly didn't want to take any chances -- at least if you believe a bombshell new report in Us, in which sources claim JLo hired a private investigator to follow Alex Rodriguez.


Lopez's suspicions apparently stemmed from rumors of cheating that appeared in the National Enquirer and included an interview with A-Rod's alleged former mistress Lauren Hunter. 

"He found out, and they had a huge fight," the insider told Us. "But they're working through it." 

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Even though she's most definitely a damn queen, JLo has her insecurities just like the rest of us. The magazine's sources make it sound like the mom of two felt compelled to hire the PI because she's just that head over heels for her new BF. "She's really into Alex and wants it to work," the source added. "So she's trying to control as much as she can."

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Fingers crossed JLo has absolutely no concrete reason to fear that A-Rod is being unfaithful. And hopefully, they can work out any lingering trust issues. After all, not only are they so damn cute together, but their kids get along! That alone has fans everywhere rooting for this relationship.

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