Pink & Her Daughter Are Adorably Twinning in This New Photo

Pink and her daughter Willow
Felipe Ramales / Splash News

From breastfeeding selfies to shots of her daughter cruisin' around on her bike, Pink loves taking to Instagram to share sweet glimpses into her life as a mom. The singer's latest pic is just downright heartwarming. In a new, full-length photo, Pink and her daughter Willow rock matching outfits. 


"We <3 you Tysa #matchymatchy #ilovethatshewillstillletmedothis," Pink wrote alongside the lovely shot with her 5-year-old. (Tysa's a boho, California-based brand that the pop star -- and her little girl -- obviously adore.)

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Pink and her daughter Willow

First of all, how over-the-moon happy do these two look!? So sweet.

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Second, ugh, how much do you love that Pink's daughter is still okay with matching outfits? Awww.

Obviously, Pink's well aware of the fact that sooner or later -- and probably more likely, sooner -- Willow is going to be too cool to wear the same exact style as her mom. And she'll probably be also, like, so embarrassed, even though the woman who birthed her is a complete badass. 

But for right now, it looks like she's alright with it and Pink's gonna take advantage of that bonding op for as long as she can. Yes, mama!

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