Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Showed Off Their Baby Bump -- in Laguna Beach

heidi and spencer beach

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will be parents in a matter of mere months! And in the meantime, they're living it up SoCal-style. The former reality stars took to social media to document their recent trip to Newport Beach, which included a visit down to Laguna Beach. Yes, Heidi and Spencer hit up Lauren Conrad's hometown -- aka where it all began for the group of friends back in 2004.

  • While walking around downtown Laguna, Heidi gave Snapchat followers the scoop on their trip.

    Heidi Pratt Laguna Beach

    "So we're staying in Newport, but we want to come down and see Laguna," Montag said in her Snap, according to ET. "Why wouldn't we?" Pratt chimed in. 

    Well, some might say they wouldn't because of all the DRAMA that played out in Heidi's former bestie Lauren Conrad's hometown. Conrad, as we all know, just gave birth to her first son, Liam, with husband William Tell.

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  • But that didn't keep the outspoken couple from living it up under the Laguna sunshine.

  • Apparently, they're big fans of the beachside town.

    "I love Laguna," the mom-to-be confessed. "I would definitely live here. It's beautiful!" She also touched on the fact that some people (*ahem* like, total fair-weather fans!) think she's from Laguna because of her history with the MTV franchise, but we all know she was actually born and raised in Crested Butte, Colorado. 

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  • The lowlight of the couple's day was when some "rude lady" coughed on Heidi.

    Heidi pratt laguna pregnant

    So, she took the op to turn the nasty experience into a mini-PSA, exclaiming on Snapchat, "A rude lady literally just coughed on me! It's like, okay, I'm pregnant, the last time that happened, I got really sick. Please, please, don't cough on pregnant ladies!" Ayiyi!

  • Thankfully, that less-than-pleasant moment was quickly overshadowed by a fun magazine photo shoot.

    On her Instagram story, Heidi posted this behind-the-scenes shot, flaunting her growing bump.

  • All in all, the dynamic duo seemed to have a productive and relaxing time in LC's old stomping grounds.

    Last year, Heidi tweeted that she has "no negative feelings towards" her former costar and wishes her "nothing but the best." And now, with all this Laguna lovin', we can likely rest assured that there's no bad blood between these former besties, right?

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