15 Times Pink Showed Motherhood Totally Unfiltered

pink and her son
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Pink has always kept it real, from Can't Take Me Home all the way to now. She doesn't just use social media to show off the glitz and glam of being a famous singer. Instead, she gives her followers a peek at what it actually looks like to be a working mother. She has always been known to keep things authentic, and the mother of two isn't switching up now. That's why we love her so much!


Pink, aka Alecia Beth Moore, and her husband, Carey Hart, have two lovely children, Willow and Jameson. Not only does Pink always have her family around while still performing and touring, but she also likes to show her commitment to letting her kids have as much of a "normal" childhood as possible. We mean letting her kids jump around on the furniture or playing doctor -- i.e., all the fun stuff that carefree kids should get to do. It's a side of a celebrity that we don't get to see very often, but a side that we sure do love to watch and relate to. She doesn't cover up, or act coy about needing catnaps or breastfeeding. Keep on being Pink, Pink!

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Here are 15 times that Pink kept it real and unapologetic about being a mom -- and just try not to fall in love with her more. 

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