15 Times Pink Showed Motherhood Totally Unfiltered

Kayla Boyd | Jul 11, 2017 Celebrity Moms
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  • Letting Her Kids Jump on the Furniture


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    Back in February she shared this cute video of her daughter leaping across the furniture -- because that's what vacations are for. 

  • Taking Catnaps


    Being a mom means being exhausted a lot of the time and Pink isn't trying to hide that. She posted this cute picture of her and Jameson passed out in a big comfy chair. 

  • Showing Love for Her Baby Daddy


    Pink doesn't just show candid motherhood moments -- she also shares precious fatherhood ones as well. She captioned this picture of her husband and daughter, "And to all the dudes raising strong women, loving strong women, supporting women and respecting women.... mad love and respect to you as well."

  • Quality One-on-One Time


    Pink and her daughter have been captured going on multiple mommy-daughter dates and it's the cutest thing ever. For this one, they took a trip to the movies to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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  • Playing Doctor


    How perfect is this!? Pink snapped a pic of her daughter pretending to operate on a stuffed monkey and captioned it, "Dr. Hart (great name for a surgeon, ay?)." Because if anyone is going to encourage her daughter to dream big, it's Pink. 

  • Taking a Break ... on the Floor


    Back when Pink was pregnant with her son, she was not ashamed to take a quick rest -- even if it was just while her coffee was heating up in the microwave. She used the hashtags #help, #reststop, and #illjustbehereifyouneedme. 

  • Speaking of Coffee ...


    Pink shared this picture of her on a Sunday morning with a big 'ol cup of joe. Her very appropriate coffee mug says, "Mama needs some coffee." 

  • Getting Stuck on an Elevator


    As we all know, things don't always go as planned. Not even for Pink. She and Willow got stuck in an elevator before she performed at Summerfest in Milwaukee last month. 

  • After-Concert Cuddles


    After Pink's Summerfest performance, which marked her first performance in four years, she celebrated by cuddling her daughter on a couch in her pajamas. Part of her caption stated, "This is us celebrating the fact that I only rolled my ankle once and only forgot the words to four songs." We're sure it was still an amazing performance! 

  • That Time She 'Failed Beautifully' at Being a Mom


    Pink got everyone talking when she posted this picture of her and Willow with a caption reading, "Yeah my kid rides her bike inside. Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone. #failingbeautifully #loveinthebigapplein2017." How much more real can you get?

  • Being Unapologetic About Breastfeeding


    This isn't the first time she's posted a breastfeeding selfie and it probably won't be the last. Jameson even appears to be helping his mom get her makeup done while he eats. 

  • iPads Make the Best Babysitters


    This hilarious picture was taken at one of the singer's rehearsals and it was jokingly captioned, "Babe, Mamas just gonna take a quick nap here while this iPad babysits you." 

  • Professional Multitasker


    During a dance rehearsal for one of her shows, Pink showed us the true meaning of a multitasking momma as she practiced her routine with her son strapped to her. He looks pretty into it. 

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  • Lounging Around


    Not every day is fun and exciting; sometimes the best days are spent being lazy with no makeup on. In February, Pink shared this super cute photo of her and her kids cuddled up. 

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