Amanda Seyfried Is So Not Feeling This Sexist Chuck E. Cheese's Ad

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As a kid, Chuck E. Cheese's was a prize-filled paradise where you'd play endless rounds of Skee-Ball for tickets galore, then gleefully stuff your face with pizza while being serenaded by animatronics. For an adult/parent, it's more like an over-stimulating, crumb-covered, hyper kid–packed hell on earth. But the family entertainment center is trying to rebrand to cater more to LO's chaperones (aka the keepers of all the cash). Fair. But it could have done a much better job with its new "More Mom-Friendly" commercial, as new mom Amanda Seyfried recently pointed out on Twitter.


The spot features a focus group of moms sitting down to chat with a Chuck E. Cheese's employee who wants to know how the company can better appeal to them. For starters, they'd like "better pizza." Okay, sure! Free Wi-Fi? Totally! But then, it quickly devolves into a slew of give-me-an-effing-break sexist stereotypes. They want the pizza to be thin-crust (cuz, you know, moms are always on diets and hate carbs), jewelry available in the prize case (#postpushpresent!), mani-pedis, and rom-coms played for their viewing pleasure. 

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Here it is in its entirety:

Seyfried tweeted its link with some concise but cutting commentary: "Oy, @ChuckECheeses. #slightlyoffensivecommercial."

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"Slightly offensive" is the perfect way of putting it, because the spot's not going to leave you thinking OMG, what the hell were they thinking? so much as rolling your eyes and shaking your head.

All the superficial, empty-headed "lady"/SAHM stereotypes are bad enough, but the worst part might just be at the end, when the Chuck E. Cheese's employee throws his papers in the air in response to the moms' suddenly getting too psyched about their proposals, chattering relentlessly in his face. Women! And their yabbering on and on! How dare they express their opinions -- in a focus group of all places!?

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Seyfried wasn't alone in finding this spot annoying. Other Twitter users jumped in to reply to the new mama and share that they were equally aggravated.

Reply to Amanda Seyfried Chuck E Cheese tweet

Sure, in the scheme of things, this spot's fairly harmless, but props to Seyfried for calling Chuck E. Cheese's out on its lame-o sense of humor and hackneyed stereotypes. Whether or not the chain will do a better job to appeal to parents with its new image remains to be seen. But as far as endearing herself to mamas everywhere by being outspoken and on-point, Seyfried's future looks hella bright! 

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