We All Need to Stop Judging Jessica Simpson for Throwing Her Son an Elaborate 'Moana' Birthday Party

Said Elatab/Splash News

Jessica Simpson
Said Elatab/Splash News

Just when you thought that Jessica Simpson's family couldn't get any cuter, here are a bunch of photos from the Moana-themed birthday party that the mom of two threw her youngest, Ace Knute, for his fourth birthday. The festivities, which took place in Simpson's backyard, included Moana and Maui lookalikes, awesome decor that transported guests to the Isle of Te Fiti, a bounce house, and games galore. Of course, the seemingly pricey party caused critics to come out of the woodwork.

  • A few haters took to Simpson's Instagram account to accuse her of spending too much on Ace's celebration.

    "I'd like to see those toys going to a charity that gives to kids that have nothing. Not impressed!" one commenter wrote, while another said sarcastically, "Not at all excessive." 

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  • Thankfully, fans spoke out on behalf of the charitable fashion designer and singer.

    As one commenter on Instagram put it, "For these people who are whining about giving to the underprivileged, evidently, you don't follow her. She just gave to the underprivileged a big sum of money to support them. She gives to various charities privately. With Jessica's heart, how do know that some of the kids invited are not underprivileged? How do you know whether some of those toys are not going to the underprivileged?"

    The fact is that Simpson has been philanthropic throughout her career. As an individual and a businesswoman, Jess has donated to and partnered with charities, such as GOOD+Foundation, a nonprofit organization that donates children's products and services to families in need to break the cycle of poverty. She also recently donated $10K to the Boys & Girls Club of Waco, Texas.

  • And come on, can we just admit that this was a majorly cute b-day party concept?

  • Ace couldn't have looked happier with his family and friends at the fun-filled event.

  • The Johnson-Simpson crew clearly has lots of love to give.

    Enough for their own family -- and others in need.

  • Happy birthday, sweet Ace!

    ...and he is 4 😢 💚♋️ 🦀#ACEKNUTE #carpoolkaraoke

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