Kelly Clarkson Is Not Here for Miserable Fat-Shaming Trolls

Kelly Clarkson performing Billboard Awards 2015
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We are all well aware that Kelly Clarkson is a household name, a mama of two LOs and two stepkiddos, and a damn queen. But empowered by the anonimity that the Internet provides, cowardly haters just can't help trying to rain on her parade. We got further proof of this yesterday, on the Fourth of July, when a body-shaming Twitter user came at Clarkson with a super-original (sense the sarcasm?) insult: "You're fat."


The singer had originally tweeted a sweet Fourth of July wish, to which the troll replied with the juvenile "jab."

kelly clarkson fourth of july tweet

After the troll called her fat, Clarkson fired back flawlessly, "...and still f***-ing awesome." 

kelly clarkson bodyshamer response

More from CafeMom: 

Fans were obviously thrilled by the pop star's response, showing their support for her with a flood of "hell yes"–esque tweets like these.

We can't help but cheer for her, obviously, but at the same time, trolls like this don't deserve acknowledgment. Any folks who are calling someone else out over social media with what they perceive to be an insult are just looking for attention and to get a rise out of their target. For that reason, it's kinda aggravating to see Clarkson give in and reply at all.

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Still, if you're gonna respond to a troll, might as well do it with confidence and coolness like this badass mama. And her response sends a powerful message in and of itself. As Clarkson famously told Ellen DeGeneres back in 2015, "It's like, you just are who you are. We are who we are -- whatever size." Preach.

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