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15 Times Jessica Simpson's Daughter Maxwell Was More of a Diva Than Her Mama

Maxwell Drew Johnson and Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one of those fierce female celebrities who can't be replicated. Except, well ... she kind of was. When Simpson and husband Eric Johnson welcome daughter Maxwell Drew, the world realized there was another little diva on the horizon. She's sweet, yet sassy. But don't take our word for it. Get a load of little Maxwell Johnson challenging her mom for the kick-ass woman crown. 

4Hair's Up

Alright, do you know the proper procedure for keeping your hair out of your hot chocolate? Because Maxi Drew's about to school y'all ... 

6Who's That?

If you're seeing double, you're not alone. Jessica says she and Maxi have the same "mad face."

10Just Like Mama

If your daughter tells you how to selfie, you're not alone. Maxi Drew told her mom to kiss the camera. When a toddler tells you what to do ... you do it! 


Traveling is serious business. Animal print leggings? Check. Stuffed critter to match said leggings? Check. 

14Whose Pucker Is Bigger?

There are some moms who sit there wondering "does my kid look like me?" But all this little girl has to do is plump up those lips, and it's pretty clear. Mama + Maxi = twins. 

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