Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Will Be Starring in Another Adorable Children's Book

kelly clarkson
 James Higgins / Splash News
You know Kelly Clarkson for her impressive set of pipes and the ridiculously cute pics of her kids she posts on social media, but you might not know that the singer is also an accomplished children's author! Clarkson's debut picture book, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, was a New York Times Bestseller -- and now the 35-year-old mother-of-two has announced its upcoming sequel, River Rose and the Magical Christmas.


The first book, named for Clarkson's daughter River Rose, is about a little girl who's too excited to fall asleep the night before her first big trip to the zoo. Similarly, this next edition tells the story of how River Rose is too hyped up to nod off on Christmas Eve -- and, as Clarkson explains in a video she posted to Twitter, it's inspired by her own little girl's love of the holiday.

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"She loves Christmas," says Clarkson. "She's at such a fun age, she's 3 ... and it's a fun time for kids, Christmas, she just gets so excited I thought it would be a fun book, honestly, for her to read."

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Looks like it'll be a fun book for lots of other kids to read, too! As for River Rose herself, the tot was apparently scheduled to appear alongside her mom at the press conference, but as the video hilariously shows, she got a little sidetracked with makeup and wardrobe. (Is there anything cuter than a 3-year-old girl getting a manicure?)

Available for pre-order now, River Rose and the Magical Christmas will go on sale October 24. Can't wait to find out what happens? We know it involves River Rose and her dog Joplin taking an enchanted dreamland journey to the North Pole. (Who knows, maybe River's little brother Remington will make an appearance this time around!)

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