15 Celebs Get Very Real About Their Life With Toddlers

Jeanne Sager | Jun 28, 2017 Celebrity Moms
15 Celebs Get Very Real About Their Life With Toddlers

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There is no question that many celebrity moms lead glamorous lives. They walk red carpets in stunning gowns. Designers get excited to put clothes on them. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how rich you are or how much money you have -- celeb moms with toddlers really are just like the rest of us. They find Legos in the toilet and spend bedtime trying to convince siblings not to shriek at each other instead of falling asleep. But don't take our word for it ...  

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From Anna Faris to Reese Witherspoon, a variety of famous mamas won't deny that their life with a little one is amazing, but it's still far from perfect or stress-free. Instead of glossing over the frustrating tantrums, hysterical comments, and potty-training accidents, these lovable celebrity moms are proving just how relatable parenting a small child is, no matter who you are, thanks to some hilarious social media posts.

Sure, their days are perfect in the sense that they have an amazing child to love (even if those children are currently going through the terrible twos and running around like maniacs), but these moms aren't immune to the meltdowns and "accidents" that comes along with toddler territory. Luckily for us, they're willing to embrace and laugh at these mom moments instead of hiding them! 

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