Anna Faris Trolled Chris Pratt Pretty Hard by Tweeting Out a 'Sext' He Sent Her

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris
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Our love affair with Anna Farris and Chris Pratt's love affair continues. Earlier this week, the birthday boy (he turns 38 today!) sent his wife a sexy-flexy photo, and the world melted. 


Being the selfless woman she is (um, clearly), Mom star Anna shared the goods by tweeting it out to the rest of us. Thank you!

"@prattprattpratt honey-you can't just send me a photo like this and not expect me to tweet it," she wrote.

Chris Pratt shirtless

The photo shows the Jurassic Park actor standing shirtless with a friend as they're setting up a beer keg. If we're being honest, though, in this heat, we're not sure which sounds more tasty.

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Pratt went from being a goofy character on Parks and Rec to one of Hollywood's leading action superheros with the Guardians of the Galaxy films. With a transformation of characters came a transformation of his physical appearance as well. Over the last few months, Pratt's Instagram has been a filled with self-deprecating posts and photos of all the food he no longer allows himself to eat.

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As for Anna, she's definitely a Hollywood mom we love to follow because she's so real and down-to-earth, poking fun of herself any chance she gets. She even shared a photo of her son's accident during his potty training phase with the caption, "Potty training is so great! I'm a natural!" How can you not love her?

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