Blue Ivy Is Reportedly Helping Beyonce and Jay-Z Pick the Twins' Names -- Here Are Some Suggestions!

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

The Carter twins have arrived, which means Blue Ivy is officially a big sister! Apparently, the 5-year-old is "relishing the role," according to an insider who spoke with "She has been keeping Mommy company in the hospital and has even helped in the naming process of her new siblings." Too cute! Surely, the Carters are going to go in a creative direction with the twins' names, much like they did for their eldest. So, while we wait in suspense for the babies' official names, we thought we'd try our hand at the names Bey, Jay, and Blue could be batting around... 

  • Turquoise Vine

    turqouoise and vine

    Hey, it's only fair. 

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  • Chartreuse Chili

    chartreuse and chili pepper

    A nod to Bey's hot sauce in her bag swag. Naturally.

  • Scarlet Begonia

    scarlet and orange begonias

    Okay, to be fair, the Carters probably aren't the biggest Grateful Dead fans. But the song title is still a pretty, flowery name, doncha think? 

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  • Periwinkle Lemongrass

    periwinkle and lemongrass

    In honor of Bey's hit album Lemonade ... Lemongrass! And Periwinkle, cuz really, why the hell not? 

  • Blush Honeysuckle

    blush pink and honeysuckle plant

    Honeysuckle is everywhere in LA. Since the twins were born there (as opposed to New York, where Blue Ivy made her debut), maybe Bey and Jay would want to pay tribute to the local vegetation?

  • Magenta Rhododendron

    Magenta and Rhododendron

    A mouthful of a name, to be sure ... but unique? Oh yes. There would definitely not be another Magenta Rhododendron on the playground.

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  • Yellow Rose

    yellow and rose

    "The Yellow Rose of Texas" is a traditional American folk song ... and any true Bey-Hiver knows how much Bey loves the Lone Star State and her hometown H-Town. 

  • Pink Magnolia

    pink and magnolia

    Bey paid tribute to the South -- particularly Louisiana -- in her Lemonade film, and the magnolia is the Louisiana state flower, so we could totally see Blue having a baby sister with this sweet moniker.

  • Burnt Sienna Succulent

    burnt sienna and succulent

    As far as plants go, succulents are so in fashion. And these babies will undoubtedly be on the cutting edge of style, so this is clearly a fitting name.

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  • Silver Seaweed

    silver and seaweed

    Maybe Beyonce's underwater maternity pregnancy shoot was a harbinger of this name for her baby boy?