Tess Holliday Wants Plus-Size Women & Moms to Take Back Their Sexuality

Tess Holliday
Simon Earl/Splash News

We know we can rely on Tess Holliday to slam total BS beauty standards that women have to battle every freakin' day. But the mom of two took to Instagram yesterday to point out another BS stereotype that's all too real: "Gentle reminder to myself that as a mom, I deserve to feel sexy & desired," Holliday wrote. "Fat women & moms are robbed of our sexuality so I'm here to tell you to stop that shit. Ok? #effyourbeautystandards." 


Here's the stunning shot she posted alongside her completely on-point message.

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YES to all of it. 

We're constantly told that only by being younger, thinner, and less maternal can we embrace our sexuality. Every woman and mother -- whether she's plus or straight size -- deserves to feel sexy and desired. In fact, exuding body confidence and being in the midst of motherhood are two things that should serve to make us feel even sexier -- and be perceived as such.

Sounds like even Holliday herself struggles at times to do that, though -- which is, well, human. It's completely normal to feel less than a sex goddess when you're a tired-ass mom covered in spit-up, or having a moment where you're less than thrilled with your curves and hating all the ill-fitting jeans at the store, or just plain suffering from low self-esteem or any manner of things.

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But posting this reminder to herself and to the world is the perfect way to give herself a boost -- and shut down those eye roll–inducing beauty and sexuality standards that simply need to go.

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