Jada Pinkett Smith Says Her Kids Officially Moved Out -- Including Her 16-Year-Old Daughter Willow

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Jada Pinkett Smith may be the matriarch of an A-list celeb family, but apparently, it's much quieter at the Smith residence these days. Like empty nest quiet. Pinkett Smith recently shared with Haute Living that although Will's son Trey, 24, with Sheree Zampino lives five minutes away, the youngest Smith kids, Jaden, 18, and Willow, 16, are out of their childhood home and traveling around for work.


Haute Living explains that the kids are pursuing their "own endeavors, whether it be acting, singing, modeling or creating art," but when they're not at home, they call to check in with their folks.

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"It's funny, they're not around, but they are!" Pinkett Smith shares. "I don't even have time to miss them! Willow loves to call me every day, and even Jaden, when he's away on set, still needs to see Will and I when he gets homesick." Currently, Jaden is in Toronto filming Life in a Year.

Granted, nothing about this family of entertainers has or will ever be "normal," so perhaps it would be silly to think that even young Willow would still be living at home as she launches her career. Still, it definitely makes us a bit sad to think about them spending so much time away from one another. 

Regardless of whether they're living under the same roof these days, Willow previously told People that she looks up to her parents in a major way.

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Willow shared with the mag:

"Growing up, all I saw was my parents trying to be the best people they could be, and people coming to them for wisdom, coming to them for guidance, and them not putting themselves on a pedestal. What my parents have given to me is not anything that has to do with money or success or anything that society says people should be focusing on -- it's something spiritual that only certain people can grasp and accept. And that's how I act and move in the world today."

Wow. At just 16, she sounds quite mature and capable of forging her own path. Still, we hope she's keeping up with those daily phone calls (or even FaceTime sessions) and frequent trips back home. After all, no matter how mature and driven kids are, sometimes, they just need their mama.

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