16 Tattoos Celebs Got in Honor of Their Kids

16 Tattoos Celebs Got in Honor of Their Kids
Image: Andrew Schwartz/Splash News

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Andrew Schwartz/Splash News

We've all heard more than enough stories about celebs getting tattoos removed (especially ones involving exes), but there's one type of ink that rarely ends up going under the laser: Tattoos dedicated to their kids! Whether they're small and subtle or huge and obvious, famous moms and dads love these permanent reminders of their offspring -- and we're guessing their kids probably do, too! 

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Getting tattoos in honor of a loved one is not always advised. Tattoos in honor of, say ... a boyfriend or girlfriend is notoriously a bad idea. But what about kids? These bonds last a lifetime, and it is sort of sweet to get a permanent reminder of these little creatures that we made. For a celebrity mama or dad, a tattoo is kind of a big deal. There is no doubt that a magazine or TV interviewer is going to ask about their ink, and if a famous actor or actress shows off the tat they got in honor of their little one, well, that's an "awwwwww" moment for sure. We found a collection of famous mama and papa bears who made their love for their kids permanent (okay, well, maybe a permanent part of their skin). 

Read through our slideshow to check out some of the coolest tats on our favorite celeb parents.

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