Jenna Dewan Tatum & Jessica Alba's Kids Can't Wait to Become BFFs

Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jessica Alba

Actors-turned-entrepreneurs Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jessica Alba have more in common than being two of the coolest, busiest celeb moms in Hollywood. The pair, who recently partnered on a "Mommy & Me" collection for Havaianas flip-flops, which benefits the charity Baby2Baby, are both moms of girls -- and are planning to be closer than ever. Literally. "We're about to be neighbors!" Alba revealed to People at the Havaianas collection's launch. 


Dewan Tatum chimed in that her 4-year-old is pumped for this new development. "[My daughter] Everly is very excited," she shared. "We walk by [the house] and she says, 'We're going to have friends soon?'" Aww! 

Although People reports that Everly has yet to meet Alba's daughters, Haven Garner, 5, and Honor Marie, 9, the families plan to introduce the girls as the move nears.

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In the meantime, the business partners are bonding over their shared experiences as moms. "Every mother in the world has experienced mother guilt at one point," Dewan Tatum noted. Alba's take: "It really is about moms supporting other moms, no matter what your parenting style is or your circumstance." 

They also traded notes on the sweet things their husbands have done for them, with Dewan Tatum sharing, "Channing is a romantic guy. For me, the nicest thing he does is let me sleep in. That is the best gift."

Alba is appreciative of her husband Cash Warren for the same. "Cash does that on weekends," she explained. "He wakes up and makes breakfast for the kids. It's the greatest."

Sounds like these two are really on the same page, in many ways. It's heartening to hear that they can share their experiences with one another -- and, in turn, support one another as moms. And how cool will it be to see them take it to the next level by bringing their daughters together? 

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Ultimately, even for stars like Jessica Alba or Jenna Dewan Tatum, the daily grind as a parent can be challenging. Having another mom in your life whom you can be real with -- and also make playdates with! -- is truly a gift.

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