What Tori Roloff Said About Her Post-Baby Body Will Melt Your Heart

Tori Roloff and baby jackson

Tori Roloff welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Jackson Kyle, with her husband Zach on May 12. And three weeks out, the Little People, Big World star shared side-by-side photos of her changing, postpartum body, alongside an important update on how she's feeling after giving birth.


Early last week, Tori took to Instagram to post two adorable shots: one of herself at one week postpartum and another at three weeks later. 

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And while the photo itself was "aww"-worthy, it was what the new mama said about herself that really gave us all the feels.

Tori Roloff postpartum side-by-side

She writes:

"The woman's body is the craziest thing. The fact that I was able to grow a human has given me so much respect. Love what the good lord gave you. He knows what he's doing. #justdoyou #loveyourself#postpartum"

Hell yes, a woman's body is crazy -- crazy awesome, and the ability to grow and birth a human should never fail to blow our minds!

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It's easy to buy into the toxic message that after having a baby, you're supposed to be freaking out about your weight, your figure, running back to the gym ASAP, worrying about "bouncing back" and retrieving the "bikini body" that's apparently gone MIA --  rather than basking in the glory of your body's true miracle.

Thankfully, it sounds like the reality star is saying "no, thanks" to that BS, choosing instead to focus on and be grateful for what her body is capable of.

Hopefully other reality stars and IRL women will take note!

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